Seeing is Understanding
New technology saving you time and money
Design Phase

Vippo helps owners and developers get involved in the design process of their projects. These data driven simulations can lead to massive savings on change orders and ensure they get the building they really want. 

Final Visualizations 

Vippo, as a one stop shop, can create photorealistic visualization after the design phase is complete. These visualizations can range from immersive data driven simulations to renderings and flythroughs. 

Physical Models

Vippo can create full color 3D printed physical models of your projects. By utilizing 3D printing technology models can be created in hours instead of weeks. 

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As Seen In 
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Understanding The Design

Utilizing cutting edge proprietary software, full simulations can be employed throughout the design phase of a project. An unlimited number of simulations means every meeting can be an immersive experience. When everyone is on the same page, owners and developers save money.

VIM Simulation

These draft quality, data driven simulations can remove the black box around the design process, lower future change orders, and aid in the collaboration of the entire team. 

Virtual Reality

Direct to virtual reality helps people who traditionally have difficulty seeing space or conceptualizing from 2D plans. 

Easy Portal Use

You can send your files to us, and have our project managers process the the files. Or, if you are pressed for time, you can simply access our portal and upload the files you would like processed. 

See The Cost Savings 

Change Orders
Base Contract


2D Projects

Think of 2D Projects as a set of paper plans or blueprints. Not every owner or developer has an architecture background and may be unable to visualize an architect's idea.


3D Lonely BIM

3D lonely BIM is simply a set of BIM plans. This is a significant improvement from traditional 2D plans. However, users are limited in their ability to interact with the build environment and explore from their perspective. 


3D Collaborative BIM

Collaborative BIM, like our design phase models, offer an immersive data driven simulation that is easy to understand. These simulations should be employed as collaborative tools to ensure everyone involved with the project shares the same vision, and the designs of architects and engineers are matched. 


Sharing Your Understanding

Once the final design in complete and is ready to be unveiled to the world, we can do that as well. We utilize the same simulations used in the draft phase of the project and turn them into photorealistic art. With complete versatility and unparalleled speed these models can be employed as powerful marketing tools. 


Once a design is finalized we can convert the draft quality VIM simulations to photorealistic simulations in quick succession.

Virtual Reality

Impress your audience with an incredibly immersive experience. This allows potential customers to experience a complete customization of their own space. 

Renderings and Flythroughs

With the ability to take renderings and flythroughs directly out of the photorealistic simulations, you can have an unlimited number of both items. 


Understanding Materialized

Physical models have been used throughout time to show architectural design. At Vippo, we continue that tradition with our own style of physical modeling capabilities. These models can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, using 3D printed processes.

Full Color

Show off the building design the way it was supposed to be seen. 


Additive manufacturing 

means that even complex shapes are not an issue. 


Physical models built using 3D printing technology reduce time frames on construction of models from weeks to hours.  


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